Where do you live?

Hernes Oak, Gippsland, Victoria

When did you start unicycling and how did you get started?

My cousin introduced me to unicycling. She had got one for Christmas and I had a go on it. It looked like a lot of fun and a challenge and it made me want to persist with learning to ride. I was given a 20" unicycle for my 10th birthday and have been riding ever since.

What is your style of riding?

Road/ distance. I like playing unicycle hockey too.

What brand and type of unicycle do you ride?

I ride my 26" QU-AX Luxus with 125 mm cranks

What do you like most about your unicycle?

The fact that it is very comfortable and smooth to ride on. It's much quieter than a bicycle and no messy chains which fall off!

What do you like about unicycling in general?

I like it when you know that there are so many challenges on a unicycle and you can always aim for now tricks. It never becomes boring.

What is your favorite unicycle trick?

I am able to ride backwards a short distance. I am also trying to perfect the art of one footed wheeling. I like to do bunny-hops too

Where do you like to ride?

I enjoy riding on roads in the countryside and I like riding around the many hills in our area

How often do you ride?

I try to ride twice a week and more during the holidays. Of course I ride more leading up to an event.

What do you hope to achieve in 2012?

I would love my next challenge to be to ride a QU-AX 36" unicycle. I tried a friend's and it was a fantastic feeling being so high up and able to cover so much distance! I am also looking forward to participating in Uninats in 2012

And to wrap up... God or no god?

I believe there is a God