Where do you live?

Andrew: Noosa Hinterland on SE Queensland’s Sunshine Coast

Wendy: Ditto

When did you start unicycling and how did you get started?

Andrew: Bought one about 15 years ago from a pawn broker. I tried to ride it a few times over the years and gave up thinking there is a reason circus performers ride unicycles. Just before Christmas 2009 we saw a performance by a local freestyle unicyclist, after his performance I had a chat with him to find out what the secret to unicycling was, he said to me " do 15-30min a day for a 10 days and tell me you can’t ride". After day 3 I was hooked!

Wendy: I never know what crazy adventure is next with Andrew, but I like to give most things a go because “the family that plays together stays together”. Never being one to back down from a challenge, once I saw Andrew and our boys riding I had to give it a go. I struggled for a while but a month later I was hooked.

What is your style of riding?

Andrew: Muni first, Trials an close 2nd and road 3rd

Wendy: I like going places, forest trails and bike paths anywhere the scenery is nice and the air is fresh

What brand and type of unicycle do you ride?

Andrew: QU-AX 26" QX Muni, QU-AX 20" QX Muni, KH 36" and I have a QU-AX 29" QX Cross in my sights plus a QU-AX 12" Luxus then my collection will be complete :)

Wendy: QU-AX 26” QX Muni & KH20”

What do you like most about your unicycle?

Andrew: they are getting me fit and the challenge keeps it exciting. Oh and one other, they are just so easy to transport, there is 10 in the back of our station wagon in this pic

Wendy: I love my QU-AX 26”, it’s just so light, manoeuvrable and sturdy.

What do you like about unicycling in general?

Andrew: All of the above, great conversation starter, my balance and ability is constantly improving alas a lot slower now than when I started but I still notice little improvements regularly. Its as hard or as easy as you want to make it so I reckon I will be unicycling well into my old age.

Wendy: Each time I ride I notice that I’ve improved. I can ride the same track and it can be a different challenge each time, a bump that I manage to get over or a sharp turn on a downhill bend that I make. I can challenge myself without endangering myself.

What is your favorite unicycle trick?

Andrew: Hopping and dropping.

Wendy: Free mounting, it means freedom!

Where do you like to ride?

Andrew: Local forestry, skate parks, around town, anywhere really. I'm a fairly impetuous kind of guy so I never leave home without at least one unicycle in the car

Wendy: The local forestry and bike tracks along Noosa River are nice. Pomona has some nice parks that are great for taking our dog for a run with my 26”

How often do you ride?

Andrew: Nearly every day. Sometimes it's only 20min on the driveway, I love that you can get a great work out on a unicycle in such a confined space

Wendy: 3-4 times a week

What do you hope to achieve in 2012?

Andrew: Less UPDs on rough downhill muni runs, Unispins, hopping higher and longer using seat in front & riding backwards proficiently.

Wendy: Graceful dismount, going up and down gutters and idling would be cool.

And to wrap up... God or no god?

Andrew: I believe we are something more than flesh and blood and that our spirit/soul continues. I find it very hard to believe that there is an almighty looking over us, if there is they need to get their act together, we need some help down here

Wendy: Jury is out on God, but definitely no religion