Buying Guide

Beginner Unicycle Weight Limits:

The Only-One and Luxus unicycles are designed to hold up to 75kg while the Qu-ax Profi 20" is rated up to 120kg. 

What size unicycle will I be able to ride?

For Qu-ax unicycles, please look at the tables below to help you decide which unicycle to buy.

This is how you measure your inside-leg:

Uni-size minimum inside leg
12" ca. 48 cm
16" ca. 55 cm
18" ca. 58 cm
20" ca. 61 cm
24" ca. 68 cm
26" ca. 74 cm
36" ca. 84 cm
Cross 20" ca. 64 cm
Cross 24" ca. 74 cm
Cross 29" ca. 81 cm
Muni 20" ca. 64 cm
Muni 24" ca. 77 cm
Giraffe ca. 67 cm
beginners even 2 cm less!


 How do I assemble my unicycle?

All our unicycles come with a small instruction book for assembly and care. If you need more help though then check out this video from Qu-ax:


Shipping & Delivery

All orders are dispatched within 24-48hrs of receiving payment. It is important to note that orders can only be dispatched Monday to Friday.

Payment Options

We currently offer the following payment options: PayPal or Credit Card.